999: Critical Condition: My Job Is to Stop That Patient Dying

999: Critical Condition: My Job Is to Stop That Patient Dying

Series 1



This incredible documentary, filmed in an NHS emergency unit in Stoke, is simultaneously arduous and compelling: you don’t know whether to close your eyes during the horrible bits, or rewind to watch the amazing scenes of sharp-end medical care a second time.

The series concludes tonight with more extraordinary cases: one is a young man who’s taken a machete to the neck, leaving a wound that provokes the same grimace from the generally unflappable trauma team leader that you’ll be making throughout the programme.

You’re rewarded for hanging in there, though, by the immense coolness of a doctor who’s a dab hand at testing intracranial pressure – by manually drilling into the skull – and by footage of a miraculous procedure performed on a conscious patient who’s having a heart attack.


A man is rushed in with horrific head and neck wounds after being attacked with a machete, and as the medics fight to stabilise him, his blood pressure drops and they need to take urgent action. The doctors also treat a motorbike racer who was injured during his last event before retirement, and a 17-year-old who fell on his head from a substantial height.

Cast & Crew

Director Edmond Buckley
Director Jack Wood
Executive Producer Malcolm Brinkworth
Executive Producer Xander Brinkworth
Producer Nicola Barnes
Producer Edmond Buckley
Producer Jack Wood
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