English Civil War - Newark - River Trent

Series 1 - Episode 3 English Civil War - Newark - River Trent

Fri 6 Mar 12pm - 1pm History
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Sat 7 Mar, 3am - 4am History


Beau Ouimette and Rick Edwards head to the vast River Trent, site of one of the greatest strongholds of the English Civil War - Newark Castle. In the first official search of the waterway, the duo search for lost Civil War relics that reveal the secrets of this brutal battleground. They start their search directly next to the castle and find evidence from the key advances in warfare at the time, which eventually helped lead to the King's demise. They also discover musket balls among other lost items that help picture the harrowing life in this turbulent time.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Beau Ouimette
Presenter Rick Edwards