Lost Treasures of Egypt

Warrior Queen

Series 1 - Episode 2 Warrior Queen

Wednesday 5pm - 6pm National Geographic Channel


Archaeology is presented as a bit of a lark in this entertaining documentary: a chance to live on a swish boat on the Nile, whoop it up as you pull treasures out of the ground and play dress-up – check out Dr Colleen Darnell’s proud collection of vintage linens. Yet there’s no denying the painstaking, dusty work, a lifetime’s vocation for those striving to unearth the magnificent monuments of pharaoh queen Hatshepsut, and its contemporary resonance.

One Egyptologist displays graphic evidence that female genital mutilation probably wasn’t an ancient tradition as today’s practitioners claim… before inventing a new game show while identifying mummified remains. “Penis or packet?” she quizzes a colleague.


Archaeologists reveal the mysteries of one of Egypt's greatest female pharaohs, Hatshepsut. The discovery of a sphinx in an ancient quarry sparks an investigation that leads to the temple of Karnak, while analysis of mummified body parts found in a tomb brings up new evidence concerning the lives of women in ancient Egypt.

Cast & Crew

Director Mat Stimpson
Director Andy Bailey
Executive Producer Dan Kendall
Executive Producer Jane McGoldrick
Executive Producer Carlo Massarella
Producer Mat Stimpson
Producer Andy Bailey
Series Director Gwyn Williams
Series Producer Gwyn Williams
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