Code Blue: Murder

The Murder of John `Jack' Williams

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Murder of John `Jack' Williams



These trailer montages that we get at the beginning of documentaries these days are so unnecessary. Tonight, we see armed officers pointing guns at a loft space and yelling at the person up there to come down. So, when the murder of an OAP sparks a manhunt, it doesn’t take a genius to work out where the prime suspect is eventually going to be found.

So, can programme makers cut the teasers, please? We’ve already chosen to watch, so we don’t need the hype. And anyway, this is a fly-on-the-wall police documentary, not Avengers: Endgame. Just let the investigation play out in a linear fashion from 999 call to conviction, which, after all, is supposed to be the conceit of Code Blue: Murder in the first place.


The second of two documentaries following separate murder investigations, from the first `code blue' call through to the convictions of the killers. In March 2018, police were called to an address in Swansea where the body of John Williams, known as Jack, has been found tied up with head injuries, apparently the victim of an attack. The only potential motive officers can find is a substantial amount of cannabis scattered around the property - but then a neighbour mentions a woman asking about Jack on the night he died.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Matthew Gravelle
Director Iwan Roberts
Executive Producer Mike Blair
Producer Iwan Roberts
Series Producer Jonathan Hill