The Durrells

Series 4 - Episode 1



Life in Corfu is as idyllic – and deliciously chaotic – as ever for the Durrell family. But although the sun is shining, there’s a dark, Spiros-shaped cloud over their home. The blossoming love affair between the kindly Greek taxi driver and widowed Louisa sadly withered and died when his estranged wife suddenly returned to the island from Athens.

Consequently, Louisa has thrown herself into running her artfully shabby home as a boarding house, although she only has one paying guest, the extremely demanding Basil (Miles Jupp), until a furtive and slightly odd-looking man arrives, wanting to rent a room for a week.

It’s already been announced that this is the final series (Gerald Durrell’s autobiographical trilogy of books on which this is loosely based ends in 1939, with the outbreak of war), and while Keeley Hawes has already revealed, “It will get dark,” we fervently hope that Simon Nye has written a happy ending for Louisa and Spiros.


New series. Louisa opens a new boarding house, but the arrival of a mysterious new guest places the villa under police scrutiny. Gerry remains as devoted as ever to the island's wildlife, and announces his plans to open his own zoo. Margo is struggling to find clients for her beauty treatments, and resorts to desperate measures to find people to practice her skills on. The final series of the drama based on Gerald Durrell's books, starring Keeley Hawes.

Cast & Crew

Louisa Durrell Keeley Hawes
Larry Durrell Josh O'Connor
Gerald Durrell Milo Parker
Margo Durrell Daisy Waterstone
Leslie Durrell Callum Woodhouse
Florence Petridis Lucy Black
Spiros Halikiopoulos Alexis Georgoulis
Basil Miles Jupp
Theo Stephanides Yorgos Karamihos
Lugaretzia Anna Savva
Lazaros Vangelatos Konstantinos Symsiris
Dorothy Talitha Stone
Daphne Likourgou Elli Tringou
Sgt Lambros Zervos George Vafakis
Veronica Sophie May Wake
Superintendent Kostas Kromidas
Director Roger Goldby
Executive Producer Keeley Hawes
Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle
Executive Producer Lee Morris
Executive Producer Simon Nye
Producer Christopher Hall
Writer Simon Nye
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