Series 1 - Episode 5



I like Curfew’s changing tone. One minute it’s a shoot-’em-up with light banter, the next it’s squirming horror. Last week, for example, we learnt how Billy Zane’s Joker Jones went from sober psychiatrist to driver of the psychedelic Team Awesome bus; his attempt to analyse an increasingly frustrated Jenny Donahue (Andi Osho) was hilarious.

This week, things are back to edge-of-the seat scary: never has changing a lead in a car been more fraught, especially when there are cows – and zombies – loose on the rural roads of Warwickshire. And we meet another contestant in this death race: tow-truck driver Lou Collins (Miranda Richardson), who’s taking part for that most unlikely of reasons – love.


Lou and Hanmei crash into each other while vying for position on a country lane, forcing them to venture to a nearby farm to search for spare parts.