Emma vs Eddie and Alex

Series 1 - Episode 1 Emma vs Eddie and Alex

Tomorrow 12am - 12:30am Comedy Central


Has any show had more incarnations? The beloved hexagon-based quiz was originally a 1980s hit with Bob Holness as host, then returned briefly under Michael Aspel. Later it switched to Sky1 for a spell with Liza Tarbuck and in 2012 Challenge TV launched a version with Simon Mayo. Now, undaunted by the show’s zig-zag history, Dara O Briain steps up to ask the questions as 17-year-olds go two-versus-one to see who can quiz their way across a board of hexagons.

It’s clear that Comedy Central wants this to be a jokey affair, with Dara taunting the teenagers, “It doesn’t matter how many 20 pounds you win, your generation will never be able to afford a house.”


Dara O Briain hosts a reboot of the quiz in which students and sixth formers try to complete a path across or down a board of lettered hexagons.