The Royal Family at War

The Royal Family at War

Series 1 - Episode 2



Money can’t buy happiness – an adage writ large by the royal rucks and feuds reported down the decades. We, of course, are happy to lap it all up because the stories are soapy, salacious and come served with a massive helping of schadenfreude.

Here we get a greatest hits countdown of the alleged Windsor stand-offs, from the stymieing of Princess Margaret’s plan to marry Peter Townsend to Sarah Ferguson’s butting of heads with Prince Philip. No previews were available, but you can expect biographer Penny Junor to be on hand to recount the rumoured conflict between the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall. “If the Queen could have opened up a large hole and put Camilla into it,” she says, “it would have been perfect as far as she was concerned.”


Part two of two. Biographer Penny Junor recalls the rumoured rift between the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Margaret's relationship with divorcee Peter Townsend is assessed, and Prince Philip's falling out with the former Duchess of York is revealed.

Cast & Crew

Director Katie Harris
Director Daniel Smith
Executive Producer Ian Rumsey
Producer Katie Harris
Producer Daniel Smith