Brian Johnson's A Life on the Road

Mick Fleetwood

Series 2 - Episode 4 Mick Fleetwood



Mick Fleetwood lives on the side of a volcano in Hawaii. Well, you would, wouldn’t you, if you were in one of the world’s biggest rock groups. And as he welcomes Brian Johnson in — against the undulating, verdant backdrop — the height difference between the pair is so striking that, if you squint, it looks just like Frodo meeting Gandalf in Hobbiton.

The chemistry’s there, too, as they deconstruct the turbulent history of Fleetwood Mac on the sofa. Interestingly, when it comes to talking about some of the band’s relationship issues and excesses, it cuts to Stevie Nicks’s biographer, Zoë Howe. Clearly, with the band touring again, an element of tact is required.


The former AC/DC frontman meets Mick Fleetwood, who shares the highs and lows of 50 years' worth of tours with Fleetwood Mac.