Series 1 - Episode 6



The number of intrepid travellers on the long, dark road race north is diminishing, but this week our plucky bunch must band together to rescue one of their own. They’re well out of London now, but they’ve got to detour round Manchester first (cue some helpful Joy Division and Happy Mondays on the soundtrack in case we weren’t sure, plus a bent copper who’s surely based on Paul Calf…).

I’m developing a very soft spot for this apocalyptic drama. It’s sometimes grim, but its humour is always cheering. Nerdy young Roman, cowering behind a trailer, explains the mechanics of a Mexican stand-off to his mother, as it happens. “Oh, shut up, Roman,” is her sensible response.


The ambulance, the hot hatch and the Volvo all chase an impenetrable Brookeheath prison truck containing some important cargo, heading towards the badlands of Manchester.

Cast & Crew

Michael Garwick Malachi Kirby
Ruby Newman Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Kaye Newman Phoebe Fox
Lou Collins Miranda Richardson
Hanmei Collins Thaddea Graham
Simon Donahue Adrian Lester
Jenny Donahue Andi Osho
Roman Donahue Ike Bennett
Megan Donahue Jessye Romeo
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