Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Series 6 - Episode 1 Honeymoon



The fact that this new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine exists at all is a bit of a miracle, with the award-winning cop comedy’s surprise cancellation in the US last year and swift, 48-hour revival by another network making headlines around the world.

Still, however they got here Peralta and the gang are back, and this story picks up exactly where the last series left off, with Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) heading to their honeymoon only to discover a morose Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) at their resort, bedecked in horrible, gaudy holiday T-shirts and quaffing coconuts full of merlot.

Clearly, despite behind-the-scenes changes, the Nine-Nine are back on duty – and happily, they’re as funny as ever.


Peralta and Santiago go on their luxury honeymoon - only to run into a familiar face. Gina and Boyle get into a family squabble and Jeffords tries to live up to his new nickname.

Cast & Crew

Det Jake Peralta Andy Samberg
Det Rosa Diaz Stephanie Beatriz
Sgt Terry Jeffords Terry Crews
Det Amy Santiago Melissa Fumero
Det Charles Boyle Joe Lo Truglio
Gina Linetti Chelsea Peretti
Capt Ray Holt Andre Braugher
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