The Bay

Series 1 - Episode 2



A seaside town. The communal trauma of a lost child. Cops with a connection to the case. It’s easy to see that The Bay feels dimly reminiscent of Broadchurch, but only dimly. It’s hardly a criticism to say it’s not in the same league as Broadchurch, because very little is, but The Bay is a reminder that making one police procedural stretch across many hours of television is an art form, and here, in episode two, the story is already starting to labour like a propeller caught in seaweed.

Luckily, Morven Christie and Jonas Armstrong are easily watchable enough as the two leads, a police sergeant and a fisherman who have a drunken knee-trembler one Saturday night, then find themselves on opposite sides when his teenage stepchildren go missing. There are good performances in minor roles, too, but perhaps too many scenes rely on the equation that pain plus shouting equals drama.


With the Meredith family reeling from Dylan's death and Sean's arrest, Lisa is charged with finding his alibi and makes a game-changing discovery. Suspicions are raised about another Morecambe resident's involvement with the twins and the police rush to find them. Abbie grows closer to newcomer Vincent, whilst Rob agrees to take on a risky dare. Frustrated by the police investigation, Sean takes matters into his own hands. Starring Morven Christie, Jonas Armstrong, Tracie Bennett and Lindsey Coulson.

Cast & Crew

DS Lisa Armstrong Morven Christie
Sean Meredith Jonas Armstrong
Margaret Foley Tracie Bennett
Penny Armstrong Lindsey Coulson
Jess Meredith Chanel Cresswell
Sam Hesketh Louis Greatorex
Abbie Armstrong Imogen King
Vincent Chapman Adam Long
DS Alexander Stewart Simon Manyonda
Nicholas Mooney Matthew McNulty
DC Med Kharim Taheen Modak
Rob Armstrong Art Parkinson
DI Tony Manning Daniel Ryan
Dylan Meredith Noah Valentine
Ryan Foley Philip Hill-Pearson
Krzysztof Babakowski Jordan Mifsúd
Sue Mooney Hazel Ellerby
Jake Meredith Liam McCheyne
Kelly Meredith Lucy Hillyard
Lee Ward Ciaran Griffiths
DS James Clarke Andrew Dowbiggin
Hanna Babakowski Ellie Duckles
Josh Adam Hussain
Tom Hayes Richard Huw
Director Lee Haven Jones
Executive Producer Catherine Oldfield
Producer Philip Leach
Writer Daragh Carville
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