Midsomer Murders

The Ghost of Causton Abbey

Series 20 - Episode 1 The Ghost of Causton Abbey



When people drown in Midsomer Murders, they rarely do so in anything so mundane as water. Over the years, I’ve seen victims expire in a cauldron of tomato soup, casks of cider and mulberry wine and now – perhaps most gruesomely of all – in a boiling vat of beer. But then the main joy of this show comes not from watching its stars (Neil Dudgeon still permanently looks as though he’s managed to rub salt into a mouth ulcer), but in witnessing the lurid ways in which the supporting characters are bumped off.

Among those in danger in the breezy, brewery-set mystery that opens series 20 are guest actors Anita Harris and Elaine Paige. What’s baffling, though, is why the pair aren’t given the opportunity to do at least a little singing. At one point, Barnaby even offers up the perfect chance when he says of the deceased: “We have to find someone who knew him well.” To which Paige should really have appeared and sung: “I knew him so well.”


A disused abbey that is believed to be cursed is about to be turned into a pub, a decision that has angered many superstitious locals - not to mention the real ale society. The day after the launch night, the curse appears to have claimed a victim - a body is found boiled to death in a kettle of beer, in a manner very similar to an infamous execution on the site in the 16th century. Elaine Paige guest stars, while Annette Badland joins the cast as new pathologist Fleur Perkins.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon
DS Jamie Winter Nick Hendrix
Sarah Barnaby Fiona Dolman
Sylvia Reynolds Elaine Paige
Emani Taylor Amber Aga
Fleur Perkins Annette Badland
Keith Grundy Michael Byrne
Russell Grundy Tony Gardner
Jenny Moss Angela Griffin
Irene Taylor Anita Harris
Paul Taylor Jason Merrells
Faiza Jindal Anjli Mohindra
Young Sylvia Beth Cooke
Brother Jozef John Cummins
Toby Grundy Zebb Dempster
Kwame Asante Chu Omambala
Adam Osoba Justin Pierre
Director Matt Carter
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Executive Producer Jonathan Fisher
Producer Guy Hescott
Writer Helen Jenkins
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