Series 1 - Episode 4



The trouble with casting an actress like Keeley Hawes in a supporting role is that sooner or later she’ll tilt the story’s centre of gravity towards her. It’s not about upstaging other actors, she’s just too good: we can’t help but want to know more about her brisk, bluestocking civil servant, who nurses – we gathered last week – a whopping secret.

Now Hawes’s brittle Miss Garrick has even more of the limelight, as the claustrophobic 1940s spy saga reveals her difficult home life. We also have some painful-in-hindsight scenes set at a key committee on Palestine, as men sit complacently in smoke-filled rooms deciding the future of the world.


Rowe tries to break into Rae's house in search of evidence, only to get drawn into a confrontation with her mother. Frustrated with how isolated her double life has made her, Feef quits - right before discovering that Priscilla is hiding something. However, she finds that getting out is not so easy, as Rowe has some incriminating photos of her and blackmails her into seeing the operation through to the end.

Cast & Crew

Feef Symonds Emma Appleton
Jackson Cole Brandon P Bell
Priscilla Garrick Keeley Hawes
Rowe Michael Stuhlbarg
Hugh Fenton Luke Treadaway
Jefferson Maltby Patrick Joseph Byrnes
Shavitsky Finney Cassidy
Abu Selim Bijan Daneshmand
Jacob Rocco Day
Martin David Hargreaves
Bill Nick Harris
Neville Sam Hoare
Rae Savitt Cara Horgan
Mark Stephens Robert Goodale
Jerry Roxborough Richard Goulding
Simon Jacob Krichefski
Sir William Beaumont Peter Pacey
Alex Mulligan Nikhil Parmar
Sullivan Brendan Patricks
Savitt David Ricardo-Pearce
Fiedler Uri Roodner
Elka Vesna Stanojevic
Henry Stanley Townsend
Jimmy Derby Benjamin Walker
Judge John Morgan Eben Young
Director Alex Winckler
Producer Rhonda Smith
Writer Emily Ballou
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