Series 1 - Episode 2



Our Dorking family unit are adjusting to life with a Syrian asylum seeker in their midst. Schoolboy John has thoughtfully set up the spare room for Sami, with framed photos of Mo Salah and Mo Farah ('They're your mob, aren't they, the Moes?' Peter chips in) and a rug facing Mecca.

John has even downloaded a call to prayer. One catch: Sami’s not a Muslim, as they all assumed. However, so as not disappoint, he goes through an excellent fake-praying routine. It’s one good scene of several as Home targets the sweeping assumptions it’s easy to make. And every time it’s about to get a smidge too preachy, the script saves itself with a good gag.


Despite what Peter thinks, Katy is determined that Sami should stay for as long as he needs to, and since it's her house, Peter can't really object. John has organised the spare room to make it just like Damascus, and in return Sami introduces Katy and John to his new British friend Raj. Comedy, written by and starring Rufus Jones.

Cast & Crew

Peter Guest Rufus Jones
Katy Rebekah Staton
Sami Youssef Kerkour
John Oaklee Pendergast
Raj Aaron Neil
Lee Richard Glover
Alf Richard Syms
David Jurell Carter
Mark Skinner Oli Dillon
Diana Carrie Quinlan
Postwoman Alison Senior
Post teller Victoria Willing
Director David Sant
Executive Producer Alan Marke
Executive Producer Jim Reid
Producer Adam Tandy
Writer Rufus Jones
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