Series 1 - Episode 3 Dan

Sat 21 Dec 1:50am - 3am W


While Anna Paquin grounds this drama as troubled PR fixer Robyn, the supporting cast have great fun with its outrageous stories. Chief among them Sophie Okonedo as stern boss Caroline, who drips venom with disarming charm. As her staff flail to help a laddish comedian (Alan Davies in a knowing role) embroiled in a transphobia controversy, she fixes them with gimlet eye and snaps, “Stop flapping around like epileptic penguins.”

Genevieve Angelson is also fantastic as Robyn’s sparky sister Ruth — watch for the joyful moment when she and the young actress playing her daughter almost corpse after the girl demands, “Put your back into it, woman!” while being pushed on a swing.


Robyn has to get entitled stand-up comic Dan (guest star Alan Davies) out of a hole after he is accused by a transgender comedian of being trans-phobic.

Cast & Crew

Robyn Anna Paquin
Caroline Sophie Okonedo
Eve Lydia Wilson
Melody Rebecca Benson
Sam Arinze Kene
Ruth Genevieve Angelson
Tom Marc Warren
Dan Alan Davies
Director Peter Cattaneo
Executive Producer Anna Paquin
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Executive Producer Helen Williams
Executive Producer Cerise Hallam Larkin
Executive Producer Mark Larkin
Executive Producer Stephen Moyer
Producer Mark Talbot
Writer Oliver Lansley
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