Series 1 - Episode 2 Ommegang



It’ll take heroic self-restraint to watch this moreish series week by week as it is broadcast rather than bingeing via All4, so good effort if you do. I love the way it weaves the personal and the geo-political together as our increasingly embattled East German agents try to save communism back home by selling arms in South Africa.

To rescue her big deal, dead-eyed Lenora needs a fixer who can smuggle her into civil-war-stricken Angola: he turns out to be the only person who can smoke a cigarette with as much attitude as her. Meanwhile, Martin visits the beautiful red-haired Cape Town dentist for more than a check-up.


Martin wants to get back to his young son in East Germany, but unless he helps Lenora he seems set to be banished by HVA, the foreign intelligence service, for ever. He tracks down Gary Banks, a South African mercenary who will do anything for the right price, enlisting him to help bring Lenora's weapons shipment safely through the border war to a buyer in Angola, though Banks wants payment in diamonds. Meanwhile, activists Tobias Tischbier and Thomas Posimski stage an anti-apartheid publicity stunt at the West German embassy in Cape Town and Alex Edel's relationship is exposed. In German and English.

Cast & Crew

Martin Rauch Jonas Nay
Lenora Rauch Maria Schrader
Rose Seithathi Florence Kasumba
Walter Schweppenstette Sylvester Groth
Annett Schneider Sonja Gerhardt
Brigitte Winkelmann Lavinia Wilson
Alex Edel Ludwig Trepte
Tobias Tischbier Alexander Beyer
Tina Fischer Fritzi Haberlandt
Thomas Posinski Vladimir Burlakov
Marcus Fuchs Uwe Preuss
Fritz Hartmann Niels Bormann
Barbara Dietrich Anke Engelke
Frank Winkelmann Philipp Hochmair
Gary Banks Jonathan Pienaar
Tim Avery Chris Veres
Katie Janeway Emma Fischer
Maike Khapp Lana Cooper
Christoph Fischer Knut Berger
Sandra Fischer Emilia Pieske
Steffi Fischer Helena Pieske
Roberto Likho Mango
Gen DeGraaf David Butler
Tiago Hope Thangata
Sanjev Sans Moonsamy
Antje Caster Benike Palfy
Barman Gareth Breytenbach
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