Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Series 10 - Episode 7 Did the Chicken Cross the Road?



It’s one of those episodes that feels as if 12 different story ideas have been put in a tumble dryer and come out tangled. But the Modern Family writers’ room has made 21 minutes of brisk, likeable comedy from much worse in the past. The main thread involves Cam buying a chicken because he is worried he has lost touch with his farming roots. There’s a lovely moment where he leads the chicken (nicknamed Princess Layer) through their apartment explaining, “OK so this is the kitchen, which we had remodelled…” Meanwhile, Claire throws away Phil’s hat collection and he recalls a teenage trip to the Soviet Union with his tumbling team. Was he an unwitting spy?


Cam blames Mitch when he forgets the words to his favourite country song and decides he needs to reconnect with his roots. Alex is up for a prestigious government job that requires a family interview, causing everyone to overcompensate and jeopardise her chances, while Haley and Dylan think it might be time they grew up a little.

Cast & Crew

Jay Pritchett Ed O'Neill
Claire Dunphy Julie Bowen
Phil Dunphy Ty Burrell
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Sofia Vergara
Mitchell Pritchett Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Manny Delgado Rico Rodriguez
Haley Dunphy Sarah Hyland
Alex Dunphy Ariel Winter
Luke Dunphy Nolan Gould
Cameron Tucker Eric Stonestreet
Lily Tucker-Pritchett Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
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