Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom

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Series 1 - Episode 1 Land



You’d think David Attenborough had shown us all there was to see in the natural world but, no, there are still some surprises in this gorgeously filmed doc. Like the numbat, a sweet little marsupial with a stripy rear end that once roamed widely across the continent, but now only survives in the tiny Dryandra Woodland in Western Australia, eating ten per cent of its body weight in termites every day. Or the clever male palm cockatoo that fashions a drumstick to tap out an individual rhythm to its mate. Or the fly that’s the bane of the dreaded saltwater crocodile’s life. Barry Humphries narrates, soberly at first, but with a gleeful tone as he describes the fate of an insect that falls prey to a mammoth tarantula…


Travelling from the peaks of the Snowy Mountains to tropical Queensland, cameras reveal how animals have learned to thrive across the continent's harsh and beautiful extremes. The nation's unique wildlife includes a treedwelling kangaroo, a spider that survives underwater and a bird that gathers burning sticks and embers from bush fires to drops into dry grass to spread a curtain of flame that flushes out insects and small prey. Narrated by Barry Humphries.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Barry Humphries
Executive Producer Karina Holden
Executive Producer Sue Clothier
Executive Producer Caroline Hawkins
Executive Producer Clare Birks
Series Director Tosca Looby
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