Series 2 - Episode 1



Series two of the hospital sitcom by the indefatigable Dan Sefton, who’s also the creator of Delicious, Trust Me and The Good Karma Hospital. Despite a flat premise (hospital porters muck about in a way indistinguishable from any other workplace comedy), his show has a weird knack of attracting famous guest stars: the first run had Rutger Hauer as a regular and even Kelsey Grammer in one episode.

Now Daniel Mays arrives as gobby hustler Anthony, bouncing off the established trio of streetwise Frankie (Susan Wokoma), lovelorn loser Simon (Edward Easton) and the object of Simon’s pathetic yearning, Lucy (Claudia Jessie).

The random fantasy interludes feel like they’re trying to force some interest into standard sitcom set-ups, but the cast – Mays especially, a top-class performer who is well inside his comfort zone here – elevate it as much as they can.


The return of the hospital comedy, starring Ed Easton. Simon resorts to desperate measures when Lucy tells him she's engaged to Dr McKenzie, while a new wheeler-dealer porter Anthony threatens Frankie's 'business' empire.