Strike Back: Silent War

Strike Back: Silent War

Series 7



Tonight’s instalment of the chaotic action drama doesn’t have anything to match last week’s climax. If you missed it, the showdown between Section 20 and the bad guys involved a punch-up on top of a wooden crate containing a stolen nuclear missile – suspended below a helicopter in the middle of a blazing firefight. You don’t get that in Scandi noir.

Fortunately, Section 20’s new tag-along, rogue Russian operative Katrina Zarkova, managed to put a tracking device on the crate – which leads us to Goa in India. There, the best set piece involves a chase through the local Holi festival parade as bright powdered colour pigments fly everywhere – alongside the blood.


Section 20 and Katrina Zarkova race to locate the stolen nuclear missile, tracking it down to Goa, where they encounter kidnapped scientists and vengeful politicians.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Samuel Wyatt Daniel MacPherson
Sgt Daniel `Mac' McAllister Warren Brown
Gracie Novin Alin Sumarwata
James McKitterick Adrian Edmondson
Col Alexander Coltrane Jamie Bamber
Katrina Zarkova Yasemin Kay Allen
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