60 Days on the Streets

60 Days on the Streets

Series 1 - Episode 1



The explorer and survivalist Ed Stafford lives as a homeless person in a different city each week for this series, starting with Manchester. If it’s often unclear what destitution safaris like this really achieve, the answer here is in little moments and big human stories. Rough sleepers standing motionless in the town centre because they’re high on the cannabinoid drug spice are a shocking sight, and a police officer’s reason for threatening to arrest Stafford is jaw-dropping.

Stafford is skilled at bonding quickly with strangers, including the garrulous but vulnerable Dina and canny, bespectacled Jeff. Stafford’s reactions to Jeff threaten to turn into a narrative of deserving versus undeserving homeless, but there are layers to the young man’s story, all of them sad.


Today, more people are sleeping rough than at any time since the Second World War. Ed Stafford gets a first-hand view of the crisis by spending two winter months living among the homeless people of three major cities. The former soldier begins in Manchester, where rough sleeping has increased sevenfold since 2010 and where the problem is intertwined with a drugs epidemic. Here he meets people caught in the grip of addiction, many of whom are resigned to a life on the streets.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ed Stafford
Executive Producer Melanie Darlaston
Executive Producer Ben Mitchell
Executive Producer Rod Williams
Series Producer Jamie Seal