Series 1 - Episode 4



Gaby Hull’s taut tale of revenge and recrimination has reached the point where the police are involved. The feud between lecturer Leah and her student, Rose, has spread to implicate their loved ones. We knew a murder was coming and last night it finally came. But as the detectives ask their questions, we now know so much about the vicious nest of hurt that stretches back decades, it seems unfair to expect a few Cambridge coppers to get at the truth of it.

Hull has a few more rabbits in her hat, though, and her writing has been well served by the way a restrained, subtle cast have made the melodramatic saga believable – or believable enough. As Rose, Molly Windsor has been amazing, her piercing blue eyes equally effective whether she’s looking wounded, innocent, calculating – or bad to the bone. She has already won one Bafta and you wouldn’t bet against more.


As the police try to piece together the fatal sequence of events, both women come under the spotlight, but have they got the right one? As the investigation spirals, Leah realises she must come face to face with Rose one last time, but it may be too late. Final episode of the drama, starring Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Leah Dale Katherine Kelly
Rose Vaughan Molly Windsor
Adam Dale Tom Goodman-Hill
Michael Shadley Peter Firth
Angela Shadley Lorraine Ashbourne
William Vaughan Adrian Edmondson
Ben Jarvis Burn Gorman
Amy Frobisher Lara Rossi
Stephanie Wilson Parker Sawyers
DS Bould Justine Mitchell
DI Hammond Jimmy Akingbola
Karen Gaymer Kemi-Bo Jacobs
Brian Mullen Ravin J Ganatra
Director Louise Hooper
Executive Producer Christopher Aird
Executive Producer Harry Williams
Executive Producer Jack Williams
Producer Lydia Hampson
Writer Gaby Hull
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