Bounty Hunters

Series 2 - Episode 1



With the comedy world at his feet, it seems odd that Jack Whitehall would spend time on this scatological side project, which he co-writes. It’s a broad action comedy – this is the second series – where he and Rosie Perez play an odd couple caught up in international crime.

Whitehall’s Barnaby is a repressed English posho drawn into crime by his father’s dodgy antique deals, while Perez plays his hard-bitten ‘New Yoik’ partner. We rejoin them in Mexico with a drug dealer trussed up in the boot of their car and a sports bag full of cocaine to shift. By the second of tonight’s double bill, Barnaby is groaning, “I just want to have a bath and listen to The Archers.”


Barnaby and Nina are stranded in the Mexican desert with cocaine worth $2million and the kidnapped leader of a drug cartel in the boot of their car. However, they are in even bigger trouble as the Sherman Twins have put a price on their heads. Comedy drama, starring Jack Whitehall and Rosie Perez.

Cast & Crew

Barnaby Jack Whitehall
Nina Rosie Perez
Leah Charity Wakefield
Angel Flores Christian Ochoa
Webb & Keegan Sherman Bradley James
Drama Comedy