Series 1 - Episode 7 Hell



Post-mutiny, the U-612 bobs in the Atlantic with little purpose and even less fuel. And after the death of one memorably strident character, Das Boot could have taken a huge dip. But the series moves too fast for that. A ship appears, apparently empty, and the boarding party investigates. All goes quiet… then very ugly.

In La Rochelle, meanwhile, the pincers of discovery close in on wan-faced Simone (Vicky Krieps), translator for the Gestapo and agent to the embattled Resistance…

What men and women stoop to during wartime has formed the terrifying crux of this German-viewpoint drama: there are no heroes here. A second series has been commissioned.


Forster has to break the news to Simone that the U-612 is lost, and the resistance risks innocent lives with a risky operation. In German.

Cast & Crew

Simone Strasser Vicky Krieps
Hagen Forster Tom Wlaschiha
Duval Thierry Frémont
Karl Tennstedt August Wittgenstein
Frank Strasser Leonard Scheicher