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Series 2 - Episode 3



Although there’s been one violent crime after another in the remote Icelandic town of Siglufjordur, lumbering detective Andri Olafsson shows a surprising lack of urgency about finding the perpetrators. Admittedly the locals are extremely adept at not answering his questions but he’s still not got a clue who’s been a bit handy with a bolt gun nor what far-right group Hammer of Thor are planning. He does get a move on when they suddenly switch from spraying racist graffiti on walls to abduction, though.

This complex story touches on a society’s fears about the environment, immigration and foreign industry - as well as rebellious youngsters – but is unfolding at a glacial pace.


Ketill is released, but his sons remain the best lead the police have and with Skuli still at large, a full search-and-rescue operation is mounted. Torfi drops a hint that Hammer of Thor are planning something big, but do Andri and Hinrika have time to work out what it is before it's too late? Meanwhile, Mayor Hafdis is still being threatened by a mysterious opponent, but is determined to conceal it from the police until the investment deal is signed. In Icelandic and English.

Cast & Crew

Andri Olafur Darri Olafsson
Hinrika Ilmur Kristjansdottir
Asgeir Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson
Vikingur Aron Mar Olafsson
Ebo Kingsford Siayor
Hafdis Johanna Vigdis Arnardottir
Ketill Steinn Armann Magnusson
Thorhildur Elva Maria Birgisdottir
Aron Stormur Jon Kormakur Baltasarsson
Halla Solveig Arnarsdottir
Bardur Gudjon Pedersen
Torfi Vignir Rafn Valthorsson
Director Borkur Sigthorsson
Executive Producer Baltasar Kormakur
Executive Producer Clive Bradley
Executive Producer Klaus Zimmermann
Executive Producer Daniel March
Executive Producer Agnes Johansen
Producer Baltasar Kormakur
Producer Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson
Writer Clive Bradley
Writer Sigurjon Kjartansson
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