Torn Between Two Lovers

Series 10 - Episode 4 Torn Between Two Lovers



Nobody would pretend that in its tenth season this show still has the sparkle it once had, but even on a dimmer-switch Modern Family shines brighter than most comedies at their best.

At this point, Manny has gone off to college but, as a grumpy Jay puts it, “It turns out Manny’s fake Canadian girlfriend is real. And annoying.” Her crime is to be an aspiring improv actor – she takes to mirroring Jay as he sits reading the paper, telling him to imagine she’s not there. “I’m not that creative,” he growls back.

Meanwhile, Haley faces a crunch decision between love-rivals brainy Arvin and dopey Dylan (yes – he’s back). Maybe her parents can help?


A conflicted Haley is forced to make a big decision, while Manny returns to college, but his girlfriend Sherry continues to stay at Jay and Gloria's.