Series 13 - Episode 1



ome Goggleboxers have left their TV sofas for ever (rather than merely being in the kitchen making a cuppa) because with each new series, there are always departures. If viewers don’t take to you quickly, it’s curtains I’m afraid.

Fortunately, many of our old favourites are still airing their views on the week’s TV – please never get rid of the Siddiquis, Jenny and Lee, Giles and Mary, Pete and Sophie or the Malones’ dogs. There are some new armchair critics, too, although not – as has been rumoured – Matt and Mary, the polyamorous couple from Naked Attraction. As to what they’ve been watching … maybe Sewing Bee, First Dates or Martin Clunes?


The fly-on-the-wall series turning the cameras on TV's most vocal armchair critics returns, as the show's regular gaggle of families, friends and viewing party acquaintances settle down to share their insightful, passionate and sometimes emotional critiques on what they have been watching during the week from the comfort of their own sofas. In this episode they appraise The Greatest Dancer, Small Fortune, Cold Feet, Famous and Fighting Crime, The Making of Me and the news.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Craig Cash
Executive Producer Tania Alexander