Strike Back: Silent War

Strike Back: Silent War

Series 7



Silent War? Chance would be a fine thing. The thriller about a special ops team returns, subtle as a lump hammer, for a seventh series, and it’s as deafeningly addicted to punch-ups and gunfights as ever.

Yes, seventh series. They know their business and they know what the audience likes: granite-faced men and model-beautiful women in extended shootouts with greasy-haired baddies.

In this opener Section 20 come up against a Malaysian Triad gang and about 300 henchmen, all dressed like the Blues Brothers, die in the resulting blitzkrieg. To space out the fights there is the odd plot-update briefing scene and of course, a dash of moodily lit sex.


Section 20 is reactivated and Mac, Wyatt and Novin are sent to investigate when a Russian nuclear bomber vanishes in the South China Sea. Return of the action adventure, starring Warren Brown and Jamie Bamber.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Daniel `Mac' McAllister Warren Brown
Sgt Samuel Wyatt Daniel MacPherson
Gracie Novin Alin Sumarwata
Katrina Zarkova Yasemin Kay Allen
Col Alexander Coltrane Jamie Bamber
James McKitterick Adrian Edmondson
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