Series 6 - Episode 2 Apollo

Tue 28 May 8pm - 10pm ITV3
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Tue 28 May, 9pm - 11pm ITV3+1 Freeview


Anyone who marvelled at the futuristic worlds created by puppetry visionaries Gerry and Sylvia Anderson will have a FAB time thanks to a murder with links to a Supermarionation-esque TV studio. As for Morse, he’s back in plain clothes, but the moustache remains (I reckon he watches Peter Wyngarde in Department S rather than Thunderbirds). And, much to his frustration, he’s still having his strings pulled by the odious DCI Ronnie Box.

However, the one in real control this week is Shaun Evans, who also takes on director duties. He doesn’t try anything flash – in fact, he even gives us the seemingly obligatory shot of Oxford’s Bridge of Sighs. In our house, we always play a game: the last one to spot it has to make tea in the next ad break.


Shaun Evans directs this episode, set against the backdrop of the first moon landings in 1969. The detective investigates the deaths of an astrophysicist and his girlfriend in a tragic car accident as the rest of the world eagerly awaits news from Apollo 11. When he begins to suspect foul play, Endeavour enlists Thursday's help in getting to the truth, visiting the observatory where the dead man worked and discovering the possibility that he was not the intended victim. The case is complicated further when the dead scientist is revealed to have been part of a mysterious cult-like group.

Cast & Crew

DS Endeavour Morse Shaun Evans
DCI Fred Thursday Roger Allam
Chief Supt Reginald Bright Anton Lesser
Dr Max DeBryn James Bradshaw
DS Jim Strange Sean Rigby
DCI Ronnie Box Simon Harrison
DS Alan Jago Richard Riddell
Dorothea Frazil Abigail Thaw
Win Thursday Caroline O'Neill
Joan Thursday Sara Vickers
Viv Wall Alison Newman
Dr Elliot Wingqvist Oliver Chris
Jeff Slayton Matthew Cottle
Natalie Wingqvist Alice Orr-Ewing
Gabriel Van Horne Blake Ritson
Hildegard Slayton Mary Stockley
Isobel Humbolt Sophie Winkleman
Dr Larry Humbolt Sargon Yelda
Professor Adam Drake Ben Wainwright
Flora Humbolt Sasha Willoughb
Christine Chase Katie Faye
Eric Gidby Robert Hands
Marilyn Gidby Terenia Edwards
Mac Honeydew Ross Boatman
Mrs Trellis Charlotte Bradley
Matthew Humbolt Gabriel Payne
TV anchor Michael Parkhouse
Director Shaun Evans
Executive Producer Russell Lewis
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Tom Mullens
Producer Deanne Cunningham
Writer Russell Lewis
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