Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson


Series 1 - Episode 1 Europe



Television has been short of presenters on trains recently, so Tony Robinson goes on “an unadulterated madcap railway adventure” that takes him from London across Europe to Istanbul. Trains aren’t really the focus, he’s more interested in finding quirkier sides to cities – a bistro in Paris where he eats fried pig’s ear, a nudist park in Munich, and so on.

We don’t get surprises (Germans are precision-minded and good engineers – who knew?) but the show’s great virtue is briskness, so before we get weary of one location, Sir Tony is off to the next, to help serve at a beer hall or meet some of Istanbul’s one million cats.


The actor embarks on a global journey, beginning in Paris, where he meets up with a friend who explains the finer points of French social etiquette. In Germany, Tony compares a gentle spin in a replica of the first automobile with an exhilarating blast in the latest Formula 1 car. Then it's over to Hungary, where capital Budapest is now very different from how it was under communist rule. Lastly, Tony heads towards Turkey, which straddles Asia, where he explores Istanbul's spice markets and visits the main train station where renovations have uncovered ruins dating back to 400BC.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tony Robinson
Director Michael Massey
Executive Producer Abigail Adams
Executive Producer Fintan Maguire
Executive Producer Chris Parkin
Producer Michael Massey
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