Dalziel & Pascoe

A Game of Soldiers

Series 8 - Episode 1 A Game of Soldiers



Feature-length episode. The apparently motiveless murder of an American tourist found battered to death brings Dalziel back in contact with an old flame. Evidence leads the detective duo to a rough pub just outside Thorpburgh, where they discover a photograph of the murdered woman pictured with two soldiers. David Soul, Phyllis Logan and Lee Boardman guest star.

Cast & Crew

Det Supt Andy Dalziel Warren Clarke
DI Peter Pascoe Colin Buchanan
Gus D'Amato David Soul
DS Jenny Ettrick Phyllis Logan
DS Dawn Milligan Katy Cavanagh
Sgt Skinner Lee Boardman
Charlie Stubbs Charles Lawson
Nancy D'Amato Debora Weston
Jake Hawkins Ian Pirie
Lt Colonel Hartley James Vaughan
Director Patrick Lau
Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Stan Hey
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