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End of the Line

Series 8 - Episode 2 End of the Line



No case is too old or too tenuous for the great minds of Ucos to pursue. If you ever think you’ve got away with a murder, even decades after the event, don’t relax, those wily old geezers and their glamorous boss will hunt you down like a pack of greying wolves.

Tonight, they take on the case of a homeless man strangled on a London tube train 15 years ago. The victim’s identity was and remains a mystery – there were no witnesses, no photos taken of his body, no forensic evidence and no CCTV images. But our heroes love a challenge.

And if there’s anything they love more than a challenge it’s posh people with something to hide: it turns out the victim had some well-to-do relatives, not all of whom welcome a visit from the police. Neither do the victim’s old associates among the homeless. The real fun and games come when soft-hearted Brian tries to immerse himself in their sub-culture and ends up losing more than his shirt.


DNA tests on a suspected robber prove his innocence but also reveal his father was an unnamed vagrant strangled on a tube train 15 years earlier. The team reopens the case, going in pursuit of the victim's other family members - including the man they believe to be his brother - while Brian questions the homeless community, only to fall foul of a gang of robbers. Peter Davison and Keith Allen guest star.

Cast & Crew

Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Jack Halford James Bolam
Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
Esther Lane Susan Jameson
Janice Pargetter Sylvestra Le Touzel
Charles Allenforth Peter Davison
Roger McHugh Keith Allen
Peter Offord Richard Graham
Christine Offord Virginia Fiol
Leah Lisa Diveney
Nun Margo Gunn
Tony No Ticket John McEnery
Broadmoor Bill Boyd Clack
Bedknob Tony Rohr
Woman on Tube Donna Berlin
Uniform PC Christopher Fry
Ken Jackson Glen Davies
Director Robin Sheppard
Producer Keith Thompson
Writer Roy Mitchell
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