Death in Paradise

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Death in Paradise

Series 8 - Episode 6



If you buy your Radio Times on the day of publication (as all dedicated TV fans surely do), then you won’t yet be up to date with Death in Paradise. So I can’t really discuss the major incident at the climax of last week’s episode. If I told you exactly what happened, this preview would end up looking like one of those heavily redacted filings from the Mueller investigation due to the high level of sensitive information that’d need removing.

But suffice it to say that the team is currently reeling following another murder linked to the death of festival queen Tiana. And pretty soon, some fresh leads are leading to an exclusive island where three new suspects (played by Saskia Reeves, Angus Deayton and Alastair Mackenzie) are playing fast and loose with the facts. When the solution comes, you might find that one particular aspect does rather strain credulity, but an unexpectedly emotional final scene (even Commissioner Patterson shows his soft side) makes up for it.


Part two of two. The team are left stunned by another murder connected to the killing of festival queen Tiana. But there is a new lead - a phone call relating to their initial suspect - so DI Jack and his officers travel over to nearby Rosalie Island, where the owner and employees of a lucrative investment company all fall under suspicion as they are questioned about the mysterious call. Meanwhile, with emotions running high, Ruby encourages her uncle, Commissioner Patterson, to show his emotional side for once. Guest starring Angus Deayton and Saskia Reeves.

Cast & Crew

DI Jack Mooney Ardal O'Hanlon
DS Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert
Officer JP Hooper Tobi Bakare
Officer Ruby Patterson Shyko Amos
Martin Stow Angus Deayton
Tiana Palmer Nicole Lecky
Ewan Boyd Alastair Mackenzie
Patrice Campbell Leemore Marrett Jr
Harrison Green Zackary Momoh
Frances Compton Saskia Reeves
Catherine Bordey Elizabeth Bourgine
Commissioner Selwyn Patterson Don Warrington
Director Jermain Julien
Producer Yvonne Francas
Writer Roger Enstone
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