The Real Marigold on Tour

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Series 3 - Episode 1 Russia



Miriam Margolyses doesn’t like taking part in anything. Or exerting herself. Or watching men run. Or having someone push in front of her. Yet despite enduring all these things (with varying amounts of stroppiness and dagger stares), she thoroughly enjoys her “retirement recce” in St Petersburg.

They’ve mixed up the oldies but Miriam’s old pals Bobby George and Sheila Ferguson are along for the ride. However she doesn’t know Stanley Johnson so tests him out with a little political sparring. Miriam is great value as always with her explicit language, her directness (“I don’t like Putin. Goodbye!” she tells an astonished stranger in a doctor’s waiting room), and her absolute refusal to change anything about herself. “My face is perfect,” is her response to an offer of make-up at an OAP social event.

The experience makes the quartet question their views on Russia but you can’t imagine them moving there for good even though Stanley does seem to relish the “grenade-throwing” element of a local sports meeting for the elderly.


Miriam Margolyes, Bobby George, Sheila Ferguson and new recruit Stanley Johnson explore retirement in the largest country in the world, Russia. First stop on their journey is the cultural capital of St Petersburg, where they visit a lavish retirement home for retired actors, before leaving their comfortable surroundings of the city for a night in a Russian Sanatorium.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Miriam Margolyes
Contributor Bobby George
Contributor Sheila Ferguson
Contributor Stanley Johnson
Director Jonathan Stiasny
Director Sam Webb
Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Nic Patten
Producer Jonathan Stiasny
Producer Sam Webb
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