The Chinese Job

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Chinese Job



Pilot episode of the crime drama, starring Amanda Redman as Superintendent Sandra Pullman, a rising star of the Met who is sidelined after a failed hostage rescue. Put in charge of a new department, she is dismayed to discover the unit is to be manned by a motley crew of old-school former detectives who know little about modern police procedure. However, when they re-examine the case of a man whose conviction for murder 20 years ago has just been overturned, their combined experience and unorthodox methods bring interesting results. Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and James Bolam play Redman's veteran team, with Jon Finch, Tim Woodwork and Philip Bretherton.

Cast & Crew

Det Supt Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
Jack Halford James Bolam
Director Graham Theakston
Writer Roy Mitchell
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