Paxman on the Queen's Children

Paxman on the Queen's Children

Series 1 - Episode 2



Jeremy Paxman turns his attention to 1992 and the Queen’s annus horribilis, when a large part of Windsor Castle burnt to the ground and the marriages of Charles, Andrew and Anne hit the rocks.

The British public baulked at the very idea of funding the castle’s £40m restoration work and it turned out, too, they’d had quite enough of funding the Queen’s children’s lifestyles and expected her to pay for her own kids.

Paxman looks at the impact of a newly divorced Diana (he even went to lunch with her at Kensington Palace, at her invitation) and on what one commentator describes as the “mob grief” after her death in Paris in 1997.


Part two of two. Jeremy Paxman discovers how public disenchantment with the royal children turned nasty over money. When Windsor Castle burned down there was outcry at the idea the public should pay - and soon after it was announced that the Queen would now finance her children herself. The presenter quizzes a journalist, who was the first to learn of the Queen's secret plan to fight back from the damage her children had inflicted on the Crown's reputation. Plus, how the tragedy of Diana's death led to Charles proposing a plan for the monarchy to become more relatable.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jeremy Paxman
Executive Producer Bridget Boseley
Producer Samantha Wilkinson
Series Producer Victoria James