Fluke of Luck

Series 2 - Episode 7 Fluke of Luck



The detectives investigate the kidnapping of two boys in 1979, which they believe could be linked to a recent spate of disappearances. The youngsters involved in the earlier case escaped - though their abductor was never found. Fearing they may be on the trail of a serial killer, the detectives also uncover a link with another unsolved case - the assault on a champion fisherman.

Cast & Crew

Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Jack Halford James Bolam
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Esther Susan Jameson
Antonio Juan Pablo Di Pace
Alan Nigel Lindsay
Boy Daryl Chester Hayes
Boy Alan John McCrea
Hypnotist Seeta Indrani
Robbie Richard Ridings
Big Nicky Dave Nicholls
Kenny Steve Emerson
Yates David Mallinson
Bernice Lou Gish
Danny Duke Kim Durham
Director Jon East
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Nick Fisher
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