Series 1 - Episode 1 Anthony

Thursday 1:50am - 3am W


Fans of Scandal will recognise the rhythms of this entertaining drama starring Anna Paquin as a high-flying celebrity PR fixer. Panicked celeb struggles to cope with potentially career-ending situation; enter “crisis management” expert Robyn (Paquin); think up an audacious spin to put on the story; deliver a few home truths in a fast-spoken monologue; exit with a purposeful stride, a stylish coat and a knowing smile.

Writer Oliver Lansley isn’t just interested in salacious thrills so Robyn’s life is as messy as her clients’ and there’s an existential dread haunting Paquin’s eyes. Which means the tone is all over the place, with Robyn’s moments of darkness jarring with the cartoonish comedy of her colleague Eve, a supercilious posho straight out of Ab Fab.

Yet it all hangs together somehow, thanks mostly to Paquin’s compelling turn as the tough nut Robyn who’s slowly starting to crack. Though do look out for Sophie Okonedo as Robyn’s formidable boss — she’s great fun.


Drama about an American PR executive living in London, who must figure out how to make the best of bad situations and somehow manage to escape unscathed herself. Robyn dashes to a hotel to clean up a horrendous mess created by a prominent footballer on a sex-and-drug-fuelled bender. Fearsome boss Caroline (Sophie Okonedo) then sends her to kill off the latest of many one-night-stand stories circulating about another client, the `housewives' favourite' celebrity chef Anthony Henderson (guest star Max Beesley).

Cast & Crew

Robyn Anna Paquin
Caroline Sophie Okonedo
Eve Lydia Wilson
Melody Rebecca Benson
Sam Arinze Kene
Ruth Genevieve Angelson
Tom Marc Warren
Anthony Henderson Max Beesley
Director Peter Cattaneo
Executive Producer Anna Paquin
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Executive Producer Helen Williams
Executive Producer Cerise Hallam Larkin
Executive Producer Mark Larkin
Executive Producer Stephen Moyer
Producer Mark Talbot
Writer Oliver Lansley
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