Change of a Dress

Series 4 - Episode 15 Change of a Dress



Carrie comes under pressure from Aidan to plan her wedding and confesses to Miranda that she does not feel like a bride at all. In turn, Miranda admits she feigned happiness over her pregnancy. To cheer themselves up, they decide to shop for unsuitable wedding dresses, leading to disaster in a boutique. Comedy, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon.

Cast & Crew

Miranda Hobbes Cynthia Nixon
Samantha Jones Kim Cattrall
Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker
Charlotte York MacDougal Kristin Davis
Aidan Shaw John Corbett
Richard Wright James Remar
Magda Lynn Cohen
JJ Marc Grapey
Susan-Sharon Molly Price
Rita Alice Spivak
Pat Andre De Shields
Judith McBain Caprice Benedetti
Tammy Lisa Tharps
Director Alan Taylor
Writer Elisa Zuritsky
Writer Julie Rottenberg
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