Series 18 - Episode 3 Misbegotten



A pregnant security guard is injured when a package explodes at a scientific research lab, prompting Green and Lupo to investigate a chemist's latest experiments. It transpires that research is being undertaken to establish whether it is possible to isolate the `gay gene' in unborn foetuses. Jesse L Martin and Jeremy Sisto star.

Cast & Crew

Det Ed Green Jesse L Martin
Det Cyrus Lupo Jeremy Sisto
Lt Anita Van Buren S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Michael Cutter Linus Roache
ADA Connie Rubirosa Alana De La Garza
DA Jack McCoy Sam Waterston
Dean Emerson Kevin Rankin
Dr Hoffman Grant Shaud
Attorney Parrish Amy Landecker
Judge Josiah Bell Sherman Howard
Director Michael W Watkins
Executive Producer Rene Balcer
Executive Producer Fred Berner
Executive Producer Peter Jankowski
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
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