Ain't No Love

Series 15 - Episode 13 Ain't No Love

Thursday 11:05am - 12:05pm 5USA


This 2009 story has the dubious honour of being one of the unintentionally best (or possibly worst) episodes of Law & Order. It marked the departure of Elisabeth Rohm in the role of Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn and featured her hilarious delivery of the startling final lines. The internet forums were buzzing when Southerlyn was fired by ADA Branch.

There had been no mention of her sexuality before, yet she suddenly asks, "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" When reassured that was not the reason she blankly replies, "Good." The case - which most fans have forgotten about - revolves around the shooting of a rap producer.


A rap producer is found shot dead in his studio and suspicion falls on one of his proteges, a hip-hop artist whose lyrics describe a similar killing. Police link a previous murder to the case, but Southerlyn's opinions put her sharply at odds with McCoy as the investigation unfolds. Starring Dennis Farina and Jesse L Martin.

Cast & Crew

Det Joe Fontana Dennis Farina
Det Ed Green Jesse L Martin
Lt Anita Van Buren S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy Sam Waterston
ADA Serena Southerlyn Elisabeth Rohm
DA Arthur Branch Fred Dalton Thompson
Anthony `Psycho' Harrison Jade Yorker
Dr Elizabeth Rodgers Leslie Hendrix
Shawn Foreman Sean Nelson
Defense attorney Robert Bizik
Director Paris Barclay
Writer Richard Sweren
Writer Lois Johnson
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