Series 15 - Episode 11 Fixed



A convicted child murderer is struck and left for dead by a motorist just weeks after his prison release, but Fontana and Green are initially unenthusiastic about finding out who ran him over. It is not until the killer dies from his injuries that they investigate inside the prison where he served his sentence - and uncover evidence that leads McCoy to make a startling discovery. Starring Dennis Farina.

Cast & Crew

Det Joe Fontana Dennis Farina
Det Ed Green Jesse L Martin
Lt Anita Van Buren S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy Sam Waterston
ADA Serena Southerlyn Elisabeth Rohm
DA Arthur Branch Fred Dalton Thompson
Joyce Draper Tracy Thorne
Dr Evodius Peters Adam LeFevre
Dr Jack Clayburg David Margulies
Dr Jacob Lowenstein David Groh
Director Edwin Sherin
Writer Roz Weinman
Writer Eric Overmyer
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