Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family

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Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family

Series 1 - Episode 2



The sight of the EastEnders actor comparing the size of Tudor codpieces isn’t going to change the minds of viewers who feel that Saint Danny Dyer (as he should now be called) is dumbing down the BBC’s history programming. Truth be told, there’s little in this concluding part that would make it into the pages of a Simon Schama coffee-table hardback. And a guest appearance by Dyer’s daughter (and Love Island winner) Dani will probably have those critics frothing that the whole show should be banished to ITV2.

But if that had happened, a lot of us would have missed out on some much-needed laughs. Surely there’s a place on the BBC for both Civilisations and a 41-year-old man trying to do push-ups wearing full medieval armour and giving his unique take on a particularly brutal painting of 14th-century torture? “Oh no, have they taken his winkle?” asks Dyer, showing genuine concern.


Part two of two. Danny continues to journey back through his family tree, recalling the lives of Edward II and his French wife Isabella, whose lives play out like a soap opera. As he travels through his family history he dons 14th century armour and learns to fight like his ancestor and famous medieval knight, Henry Hotspur Percy. To get closer to his Tudor ancestors, Danny brushes up on his etiquette, before his own family, in all their Tudor finery, join him at an Elizabethan sugar banquet.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Danny Dyer
Executive Producer Colette Flight
Series Director Sue Hills
Series Producer Anna Kirkwood