Cold River

Series 9 - Episode 3 Cold River



A party boat chugs along the Tyne before docking at Newcastle Quayside, but the jolly mood is shattered when a scream goes up from the deck — there’s a body in the water. It’s a young hairdresser called Danielle, and Vera is filled with compassion, before cutting through the tangled relationships in the dead woman’s family. 

In this episode first shown in January, there are a lot of suspects, including a boyfriend the family are very keen to blame for her death. The stench of money — these are wealthy people — taints the air. As the hunt goes on, Vera takes a trip on Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge, and there’s a nice little gag when she goes shopping.


The successful businesswoman behind an empire of beauty salons throws a lavish party on board a boat on the River Tyne - only for her sister to be found dead in the water. Vera's investigation uncovers the possibility that the victim may have been in an abusive relationship - but may also have been about to bring a terrible secret to light that threatened her entire family.

Cast & Crew

DCI Vera Stanhope Brenda Blethyn
DS Aiden Healy Kenny Doughty
DC Kenny Lockhart Jon Morrison
DC Jacqueline Williams Ibinabo Jack
DC Mark Edwards Riley Jones
Dr Malcolm Donahue Paul Kaye
Paula Elizabeth Berrington
Lisa Varsey Shivani Ghai
Richard Robert James-Collier
Ross Varsey Patrick Baladi
Sadie Sonita Henry
Eddie Gordon Kennedy
Nial Russ Bain
Megan Sibisi Natalie Gumede
Gayle Esther Hall
Kirsty Laura Jane Matthewson
Danielle Natasha Atherton
Patricia Elizabeth Bennett
Mel Elizabeth Chan
Marina Dinuk Shalini Peiris
Amelia Natasha Cottriall
Manit Desai Avin Shah
Solicitor Martin Oldfield
Director Carolina Giammetta
Executive Producer Phil Hunter
Producer Will Nicholson
Writer Martha Hillier
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