Cruising with Jane McDonald


Series 5 - Episode 2 Portugal



I expect a certain amount of holiday camp from Jane McDonald, but it’s got to the point where I’ve begun to think that everything she says is a double entendre. “I love proper shag pile,” she purrs about her cabin’s carpet. “It’s a very proud cockerel,” she comments after doing some tile painting. “I’m in tart heaven,” she announces when visiting a bakery. Basically, if there’s something slightly mucky to be said, Jane’ll say it.

But I’ll forgive her all that because she makes for a terrifically enthusiastic travelling companion on this trip down the river Douro in Portugal. And I can’t get enough of the way she says “crrrruise”. She rolls her “r”s beautifully. See! Now even I’m at it!


The singer begins her Portuguese adventure in Porto, where she discovers the roots of a similarly named fortified wine. She then boards the impressive vessel that will take her down the River Douro. The cruise delivers her to the architectural wonder of Lamego, Vila Real and the home of Mateus Rose. She even manages to hop over the border to Spain to visit the city of Salamanca. There is plenty of food, drink and local culture on offer on Jane's luxurious cruise, which ends its journey in the capital city of Lisbon.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jane McDonald
Director Ray Easmon
Executive Producer Mark Powell
Producer Ray Easmon
Producer David Kirkham