Big Day Out

Series 2 - Episode 23 Big Day Out

Tuesday 8:20am - 8:35am CBeebies


The Big Day Out has finally arrived in Biggleton and everyone is very excited to be going. Odd Job Laila has lots of jobs to do around town first, though. She has to build a wall, move a big pile of sand and fill the bus up with water. Laila is in such a hurry to get all her jobs done that she forgets to switch her hose off, and before long there’s a big puddle. Another job for Laila to do! Archie the Gardener and Firefighter Musa try to help Laila clear the puddle, but they only end up moving it. It seems as though Laila will have to miss the Big Day Out after all. Finally, Harrison the Shopkeeper comes up with a brilliant plan which means Odd Job Laila can join in the fun with all her friends.