Stonehenge: Digging Up Britain's Past

Stonehenge: Digging Up Britain's Past

Series 1



The archaeology series turns up at Stonehenge to sift through the subsoil of new research. As so often with programmes about the monument, the overall effect is tantalising. Clearly something extraordinary was happening in southern Britain 4,000 years ago: the evidence points to a trading culture and Salisbury plain as a focus and gathering point for people from across Europe. But what that society looked like and how it worked is more than you can glean from the odd arrowhead.

Still, there are intriguing titbits as we learn about the magic of bluestone and the importance of flint mines – the latter at an amazing site in Norfolk where the shafts were dug with antlers.


Helen Skelton and Alex Langlands explore the history of Stonehenge, examining the stones that make up the structure, their acoustic properties, and how they were transported 120 miles from their origins in Salisbury Plain to form the circle. Helen also visits a village where builders were believed to have lived during the site's construction and meets scientists who have analysed the bodies buried beneath the monument, including the remains of a man who is believed to have come to Stonehenge all the way from Switzerland.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Helen Skelton
Presenter Alex Langlands
Series Producer David Caldwell-Evans
Documentary History