Series 4 - Episode 3



“Every end is a new beginning,” suggests Leonard tentatively from the pulpit. Well yes, kind of, but it can also mean missing the thing that has ended – in this case, James Norton’s time on Grantchester. With Sidney out of the picture, the drama feels cut adrift: what is the show about if not a soul-searching vicar and his bromance with a grumpy copper?

We’re still waiting to discover, and talking of bromance, this week’s crime – which Geordie tackles with eager help from Leonard – involves very close male friendships at the university, the sort of thing that gets Geordie using the word “proclivities” and muttering about “when men were men”. Although in all this, the DI seems strangely unconcerned that (at the time Grantchester is set) homosexuality is against the law.

Meanwhile, the prospective new vicar, the Rev Will Davenport (Tom Brittney), arrives on a motorbike. His first challenge – win over purse-lipped terror Mrs Chapman.


Geordie suspects foul play when computer laboratory head Professor Simms keels over and dies from mercury poisoning. It seems the deceased recently spent the night in the lab with someone other than his wife, possibly a fellow educated man. Geordie seeks advice from Leonard, and the pair start to uncover the surprisingly messy love lives of Simms' colleagues. Elsewhere, Cathy is brutally tricked, Will returns to Grantchester and Mrs C makes a shocking discovery. Drama, starring Robson Green and Tom Brittney.

Cast & Crew

Geordie Keating Robson Green
Will Davenport Tom Brittney
Leonard Finch Al Weaver
Mrs Chapman Tessa Peake-Jones
Cathy Keating Kacey Ainsworth
Daniel Marlowe Oliver Dimsdale
Jack Chapman Nick Brimble
Archdeacon Gary Beadle
Anthony Hobbs Christian McKay
Jean Simms Zoe Telford
Tim Amery Charlie Hamblett
Karla Read Marli Siu
Alex Simms Tom Turner
Larry Peters Bradley Hall
Sean Donovan Felix Scott
Mrs Bennett Sarah Crowden
Bernard Rob Witcomb
Theresa Guthrie Catherine Hamilton
Bobby Guthrie Simon Bubb
Director Stewart Svaasand
Executive Producer Diederick Santer
Executive Producer Daisy Coulam
Executive Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Producer Richard Cookson
Writer John Jackson
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