I Saw the Sun Rise

I Saw the Sun Rise

Series 1



I remember the mum of a schoolfriend once getting twitchy about the tightness of Tom Selleck’s denim. “Magnum’s jeans are OBSCENE,” she complained, before asking, “What time is it on again?” And that was the thing about the 1980s’ Magnum PI: he was so irresistibly macho. He drove a Ferrari, fired a gun, sported a moustache, had mates with moustaches and experienced Vietnam flashbacks. What a guy!

This new reboot – directed by Fast & Furious’s Justin Lin - only makes surface tweaks to the formula: Magnum (Jay Hernandez) has lost the lip tickler, while major-domo Higgins (Perdita Weeks) is now a woman. So it’s still basically the same fun escapist mix of action and mystery as the Hawaii-based security consultant cum detective divides his time between hanging out at the luxury pad of elusive novelist Robin Masters, getting on the wrong side of his dobermans and zipping around the islands solving crimes. I didn’t, however, spot any stonewashed spray-ons, but it’s early days.


Reboot of the 1980s crime drama, starring Jay Hernandez as an ex-Navy Seal returning from Afghanistan who decides to ply his trade as a private investigator in Hawaii, while also acting as a security consultant for an estate. With Perdita Weeks.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Magnum Jay Hernandez
Juliet Higgins Perdita Weeks
Orville `Rick' Wright Zachary Knighton
Theodore `TC' Calvin Stephen Hill
Sebastian Nuzo Domenick Lombardozzi
Det Tanaka Sung Kang
Cpt Buck Green James Remar
Lara Nuzo Tiffany Hines
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